A Discovery — [re]enact

I’m putting this here half as a PSA, but also half as a reminder to myself as I continue with research. Through some colleagues I stumbled across this online magazine, [re]enact, about living history and reenactment, and it looks promising!

The original article I found is titled “The Reenactment that Changed How I See the Past and the Present“, and — though long — is a descriptive and thoughtful example of the way history can give us a greater appreciation for the modern day, not to mention a sense of purpose in looking to the future.

In addition to that timely political piece, however, there are many interviews and site/event reviews that currently threaten to distract me from what I should be doing, namely, getting ready for another summer hands-on history event. And, you know, finishing up an academic paper. But hey, there’s always a little time for learning something new!

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